What Is Faux Taxidermy?

Written on June 5, 2018 at 1:14 am, by Glenda Banks

There is a good deal of conscientiousness about the animal kingdom and the rights animals have to freely exist. In earlier times, people routinely hunted bears, moose, and other animals. The pride of killing such an impressive animal was turned into a form of art called taxidermy.

Faux taxidermy deer headThis is where the head of the animal or the entire body would be stuffed to preserve it for posterity. Today, the diminishing population of exotic animals makes this art seem cruel. This is where faux taxidermy takes over.

This is the idea of creating busts of certain living creatures from materials like plaster, ceramic, paper, cardboard and fake fur. The art can be hung as a source of fascination and contemplation.

Many fans of the real form of the art suggest that looking at a piece of taxidermy is not frightening or disturbing. It offers a degree of fascination for the creature that was and for the fact that its remains are preserved forever as a piece of art.

Faux taxidermy does not use the hide of any deceased creature. It does offer a beautiful representation of what the animal looked like in its natural habitat. With more people being all for animal rights, faux art is responsible and not cruel. It points attention to the need to respect animals as they are in their natural surroundings.

With this form of art, any creator has to be careful to replicate the specimen carefully. They may refer to pictures to create an item that is anatomically correct. For some artists, they take extreme measures to make a piece that only suggests what the creature was.

So many animals are becoming endangered. This new form of taxidermy offers a great way to have this type of art in a home without causing more harm.

These works are available from specialty dealers in this new trend. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and materials. Wood is among the most popular for recreating living creatures as if they were real examples of taxidermy. They also have plaster on the reverse of the bust or head which is referred to as white.

Companies and artists are working together to create eco-friendly gifts. These items can be loved by those who respect and adore animals. They add a rustic flair to a room when created to mimic the original styles of this art form but they do nothing to harm any living creature in the world the way taxidermy used to do.

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Aviation Art: New & Used Aircrafts

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One of the most challenging questions concerning an aircraft is whether to buy a used one or a new one. They usually question why they should splash out so much money on a new aircraft while they can buy a new one. However, the older aircraft have their problems that one needs to watch out. Besides that, there are many benefits to purchasing a new aircraft.

jets in the sky

The Parts

At times, the older aircraft may only cost minimally less than the newer aircraft. However, getting parts for a new airplane is much easier. If one purchases an old aircraft, one will have a hard time finding the parts. The reason for this is that manufacturers do not make parts for older models. As a result, if one needs the part they will have to search for it very hard or have it made. The result is that one will spend a lot of money. All this is the money that one was trying to save up on.

Lycoming Engine

Used Lycoming Engines for Sale

The Maintenance

This is another major issue when one is buying an airplane. On one hand, new planes hardly require any maintenance. One only needs to take the aircraft in for a routine checkup. This checkup will usually cost little. On the other hand, an older plane will require inspections that are more frequent. In addition, one will have to undergo serious maintenance often. This might mean on replaces everything in their aircraft by the time they are done with it. In addition, this might mean one might have to miss some of their flights. The aircraft will be in the shop more often, which makes it hard for one to establish their schedule.

commercial jet taking off

Losing an Investment

With time, one may wish to get rid of their asset to get some cash. However, this is going to be quite difficult if one is not careful. In most cases, an aircraft loses value the more often it flies. This means one might get close to nothing once they sell the aircraft. This makes it difficult to spend money on. A new aircraft will lose less money. As a result, one can still find a great buyer for it.


Although this is a minor issue, almost all plane crashes have no survivors. An older plane will have fewer safety measures incorporated into it. As a result, there is a higher chance it will drop out of the sky.


Buying a lane is a huge investment. It ensures that one can travel at will. As a result, there is a need to ensure on gets good value for money. Buying a newer one guarantees that.

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Urban Art Forms: Skateboards & Graffiti

Written on July 13, 2015 at 1:33 am, by

While all art forms should be respected, modern art is taking on a new direction. Not only are the styles of art changing, but the canvasses are changing also. People still do use traditional canvasses, but outdoor expressions are becoming more popular. In this article, we will be examining two canvasses that have become an expressive form of art in today’s modern culture:

Skateboard Art

Skateboarding has become a popular sport among the younger generation. I hand it to them for bringing some expressive art to this sport. Here are some examples of how people are using this unique canvass:

animal sketeboard art

These independent pieces of art include intricate detail on a surface that makes the print unique from any other.

dragon skateboard art

This is an interesting piece as it expands to multiple canvasses in order to become complete. An amazing feat of artistic ability. The next canvass I anticipate seeing images being expressed is the GoFast Board. Although, they are still fairly new to the market.



This art form is not widely accepted as it is often used to damage property. However, when used in a productive manner, and with the permission of the owner of the canvass, a wall or building can quickly become a stunning work of art. The truth is, many of the people illegally spraying property are very talented. They just need to put their energy into improving society. The greatest part about graffiti is the fact that the art is displayed for all to see rather that kept inside for private viewing as more traditional paintings tend to be.

Here are some brilliant examples of how graffiti can be an amazing art form:

graffiti artwork

Such a large scale canvass in on outdoor setting makes this seemingly difficult art form really come to life.

3d graffiti

The point is that beauty is around every corner, even in bigger cities and on the bottom of skateboards. I hope this will help you to never underestimate the power of art and to encourage you to look for beautify in every place you go.

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Must See Yew York Museums

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Among all there is to see and enjoy in Eastern USA, there are some amazing museums that you should not miss. Below I ill show you what I consider to be the top 3 such museums all located within New York:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

This art museum is the largest in the country and is a must see for every censure of fine art. This massive complex houses art collections from many eras in history. The most creative and unique minds in the world contributed to the many fine pieces you will find here.

The American Museum of Natural History

Located on Central Park West and 79th Street, The American Museum of Natural History has become a well-known Manhattan landmark. There are many amazing things to see here, including fossil exhibits with the most popular known dinosaurs, the Hall of Ocean Life which has a 94 foot whale hanging from the roof, and the Hayden Planetarium which provides an amazing look into outer space.
The museum contains 46 halls and new exhibits being added all the time. Their website, www.amnh.org, has more details and information. CityPass is available and grants full access to everything this beautiful museum has to offer.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Located at 234 W 42nd St, New York, this museum features a variety of themed galleries with real-life replicas of famous historical icons and American idols. This is a unique and intriguing experience that brings you directly into the eras depicted.

Take Away

Whether you enjoy art, appreciate it, or don’t really care much for it, all of the places listed above really do provide an insight to our history, future, and the beautiful creatures that all exist around us. This can be an entertaining experience for the whole family.

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Wedding Planning Tips For a Beautiful Ceremony

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Wedding CelebrationIf you ask couples who have been married a long time or those that have just married, they will tell you that the key to having a successful wedding is prudent planning.

You should, however, remember that planning is one thing and sticking to the plan is another.

This article thus explores a few tips to guide you as you plan for that picture-perfect wedding you have always dreamed of. Read on to discover more.


Have a Timeline


After you have set your wedding date, it is now time to fix the dates for all the other events that precede the actual ceremony. Have an overview of the various dates you want to get specific tasks accomplished.

When you have a thorough understanding of when you are going to perform each necessary task, things will go more smoothly and you’ll have peace knowing that you did not forget anything.

Ensure that you include the biggest majority of tasks within the first few months so that you have less to do in the latter months. You should therefore use a calendar or a datebook to ensure that you can closely monitoring of the occasions and the dates.


Delegate/Share Duties


wedding bouquetDespite how energetic you feel, you are not strong enough to do everything alone. Even if you had the strength, you would not have enough time to undertake all things yourself.

However, although you should delegate duties, you should participate in executing them, every inch of the way. If you delegate duties and fail to keep track of their development, you may find too late that things have not gone the way you want.

It is your wedding and you are the one who knows exactly the kind of ceremony you want. However, you should engage your partner in the planning. For example, she may want very specific wedding flowers. Sometimes these small details matter to the bride to be.

You should not lord it over them because the wedding belongs to both of you. Where you do not fully agree, you should at least strike a balance in order to have everyone’s interest taken care of.


Be Flexible

Although the wedding belongs to you and you are the final decision maker, it is good to be flexible. Factor in the interests of others and listen to their concerns.

The first person you should listen to as you embark on this process is your spouse. However, there are other details that touch on other people such as the ushers and bridesmaids.

You should give them the opportunity to share in your joy and big celebration. try to be open about what they should wear and such. Remember that they are playing a critical role in ensuring the success of your ceremony. Be flexible and give them some liberty and they will feel appreciated.


Have a Budget

Weddings can be quite expensive. While there are mega weddings that cost millions of dollars, there are other simple affairs that cost a few dollars. You should cut your stitch according to the size of your coat.

As such, you should agree with your partner the amount of money you purpose to spend on your wedding and then draw a budget. A budget ensures that you do not over spend on some things and get shorted in the end.

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The Harp – Not As Simple As You May Think

Written on September 18, 2014 at 8:39 pm, by

Harp musical instrumentTo some, the harp may seem to be a simple instrument, but nothing could be further from the truth. This instrument is said to be the oldest, dated as far back as 3000BC, and most universal instrument of all musical instruments. It is believed that the first harp was two frame parts conjoined together – the body and the neck – and strings made of gut were stretched between the frame. They would be plucked to produce different pitches of notes to create sound.

Instrument Models

The first model of harps were the arched harp and the angular harp with the framed harp coming along around the ninth century AD. It is believed that the framed harp came by of the Celtic people, where it has maintained a presence throughout Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Three parts created the frame: the body, the neck and the fore pillar. It is the fore pillar that would complete the triangle shape of the harp as we know it today. It also provided strength for the structure as a whole which accommodated the tension increased of the strings.

Of all orchestral instruments, the modern harp has a range larger than the others from its forty-seven strings. The original thought was that each string would represent its own note, but that theory made the instrument more cumbersome than it is now. Hooks were placed on the neck during the seventeenth century and set so that would catch the string and a semitone would increase the pitch. Clumsy yet effective.

Harp Musicians

In 1720, a German by the name of Celestin Hochbrucker would introduce an creative system so that the hook system to creates a pedestal by introducing the body to seven foot-pedals. The former solid front pillar was hollowed to accommodate the levers and wires being inserted to transmit the motion of the pedal to the hooks. This would raise and shorten the strings pitch by a semitone. This would give us the first single-action pedal harp.

In 1810, Sebastien Erard a pianoforte maker progressed the efficiency and scope of the existing mechanism by substituting the hooks and rotating discs by mounting two studs, then the pedals would activate the discs and grip the strings to give a raised pitch effect. Each string was supplied with two discs to increase another semitone in the range.

With Hochbrucker and Erard efforts, the harp could attain a chromatic scale and be tuned diatonically as well with each octave having seven notes versus the original twelve-note chromatic octave. The double-action pedal harp that was the creation of Erard’s mechanism is still used today.