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Urban Art Forms: Skateboards & Graffiti

Monday, July 13th, 2015

While all art forms should be respected, modern art is taking on a new direction. Not only are the styles of art changing, but the canvasses are changing also. People still do use traditional canvasses, but outdoor expressions are becoming more popular. In this article, we will be examining two canvasses that have become an expressive form of art in today’s modern culture:

Skateboard Art

Skateboarding has become a popular sport among the younger generation. I hand it to them for bringing some expressive art to this sport. Here are some examples of how people are using this unique canvass:

animal sketeboard art

These independent pieces of art include intricate detail on a surface that makes the print unique from any other.

dragon skateboard art

This is an interesting piece as it expands to multiple canvasses in order to become complete. An amazing feat of artistic ability. The next canvass I anticipate seeing images being expressed is the GoFast Board. Although, they are still fairly new to the market.



This art form is not widely accepted as it is often used to damage property. However, when used in a productive manner, and with the permission of the owner of the canvass, a wall or building can quickly become a stunning work of art. The truth is, many of the people illegally spraying property are very talented. They just need to put their energy into improving society. The greatest part about graffiti is the fact that the art is displayed for all to see rather that kept inside for private viewing as more traditional paintings tend to be.

Here are some brilliant examples of how graffiti can be an amazing art form:

graffiti artwork

Such a large scale canvass in on outdoor setting makes this seemingly difficult art form really come to life.

3d graffiti

The point is that beauty is around every corner, even in bigger cities and on the bottom of skateboards. I hope this will help you to never underestimate the power of art and to encourage you to look for beautify in every place you go.

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