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What Is Faux Taxidermy?

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

There is a good deal of conscientiousness about the animal kingdom and the rights animals have to freely exist. In earlier times, people routinely hunted bears, moose, and other animals. The pride of killing such an impressive animal was turned into a form of art called taxidermy.

Faux taxidermy deer headThis is where the head of the animal or the entire body would be stuffed to preserve it for posterity. Today, the diminishing population of exotic animals makes this art seem cruel. This is where faux taxidermy takes over.

This is the idea of creating busts of certain living creatures from materials like plaster, ceramic, paper, cardboard and fake fur. The art can be hung as a source of fascination and contemplation.

Many fans of the real form of the art suggest that looking at a piece of taxidermy is not frightening or disturbing. It offers a degree of fascination for the creature that was and for the fact that its remains are preserved forever as a piece of art.

Faux taxidermy does not use the hide of any deceased creature. It does offer a beautiful representation of what the animal looked like in its natural habitat. With more people being all for animal rights, faux art is responsible and not cruel. It points attention to the need to respect animals as they are in their natural surroundings.

With this form of art, any creator has to be careful to replicate the specimen carefully. They may refer to pictures to create an item that is anatomically correct. For some artists, they take extreme measures to make a piece that only suggests what the creature was.

So many animals are becoming endangered. This new form of taxidermy offers a great way to have this type of art in a home without causing more harm.

These works are available from specialty dealers in this new trend. They come in a variety of designs, colors, and materials. Wood is among the most popular for recreating living creatures as if they were real examples of taxidermy. They also have plaster on the reverse of the bust or head which is referred to as white.

Companies and artists are working together to create eco-friendly gifts. These items can be loved by those who respect and adore animals. They add a rustic flair to a room when created to mimic the original styles of this art form but they do nothing to harm any living creature in the world the way taxidermy used to do.

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