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Aviation Art: New & Used Aircrafts

Friday, June 17th, 2016

One of the most challenging questions concerning an aircraft is whether to buy a used one or a new one. They usually question why they should splash out so much money on a new aircraft while they can buy a new one. However, the older aircraft have their problems that one needs to watch out. Besides that, there are many benefits to purchasing a new aircraft.

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The Parts

At times, the older aircraft may only cost minimally less than the newer aircraft. However, getting parts for a new airplane is much easier. If one purchases an old aircraft, one will have a hard time finding the parts. The reason for this is that manufacturers do not make parts for older models. As a result, if one needs the part they will have to search for it very hard or have it made. The result is that one will spend a lot of money. All this is the money that one was trying to save up on.

Lycoming Engine

Used Lycoming Engines for Sale

The Maintenance

This is another major issue when one is buying an airplane. On one hand, new planes hardly require any maintenance. One only needs to take the aircraft in for a routine checkup. This checkup will usually cost little. On the other hand, an older plane will require inspections that are more frequent. In addition, one will have to undergo serious maintenance often. This might mean on replaces everything in their aircraft by the time they are done with it. In addition, this might mean one might have to miss some of their flights. The aircraft will be in the shop more often, which makes it hard for one to establish their schedule.

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Losing an Investment

With time, one may wish to get rid of their asset to get some cash. However, this is going to be quite difficult if one is not careful. In most cases, an aircraft loses value the more often it flies. This means one might get close to nothing once they sell the aircraft. This makes it difficult to spend money on. A new aircraft will lose less money. As a result, one can still find a great buyer for it.


Although this is a minor issue, almost all plane crashes have no survivors. An older plane will have fewer safety measures incorporated into it. As a result, there is a higher chance it will drop out of the sky.


Buying a lane is a huge investment. It ensures that one can travel at will. As a result, there is a need to ensure on gets good value for money. Buying a newer one guarantees that.

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